Andrea Palladio (1508-1580)

Andrea Palladio

Palladio was born in Padua, and started work at a very young age as a stonemason in Vicenza, where Giangiorgio Trissino immediately saw his potential and guided his intellectual development.

Together, they made numerous trips to Rome, where Palladio was able to build on his studies in classical architecture.

He was able to create an architectural style where the language of beauty and proportion based on ancient forms was rendered rational and functional. Thus his villas, designed to be efficient working farms, were at the same time the prestigious homes to the noble families of the time.

He started by designing and building villas in the Vicenza area, which culminated in his brilliant project winning the tender to restructure the Basilica di Vicenza.

In Venice he built his most important religious works and in 1570 he published the famed “Quattro libri dell'Architettura” (The Four Books of Architecture), which spread his principles and models all over the world and laid many foundations for western architecture.