Alessandro Vittoria (1525-1608)

Alessandro Vittoria

The sculptor Alessandro Vittoria (1525-1608) was born in Trento but moved to Venice when he was still young to work as an apprentice in the atelier of architect-sculptor Jacopo Sansovino . He was privileged to be able to participate in the decorating of the Scala d'Oro in the Palazzo Ducale and produced the Cariatidi at the entrance to the Libreria Marciana.

He had close associations with the most important people of his day in Venice thanks to his ability as a portraitist, and was one of the main protagonists of the artistic life in the city with his stuccoes and his virtuoso works in marble and bronze.

He decorated the Cappella Grimani in San Sebastiano and sculpted the statue for the altar in the San Francesco della Vigna church.

He worked with Palladio to decorate Palazzo Thiene in Vicenza and Villa Pisani in Montagnana.

In Maser the original ideas for the stucco decoration and the realization of a large part of it are attributed to Vittoria.