Villa di Maser

The Villa di Maser was conceived around 1550 by architect Andrea Palladio as a prestigeous venue for the agricultural estate of the noble Venetian brothers Daniele and Marcantonio Barbaro, who called painter Paolo Veronese and sculptor Alessandro Vittoria to decorate the building.

Its fortunate location on the hill, the elegance of its proportions, its harmony with the surrounding natural setting, the beauty of the decoration make of the Villa di Maser one of the most admired works of the architect.

Frescoes by Paolo Veronese

The six Rooms Frescoed by Paolo Veronese are one of the main treasures of XVI century venetian art.

Sale affrescate da Paolo Veronese

Climbing roses and flowers

Roses, wisteria, and bignonia welcome visitors to the villa.

Rose del cortile di entrata

The Villa Façade

The central block of the villa stands further forward than the open arcade fronts of the symmetrical wings.

La facciata