The Villa Façade


La facciata

The central block of the villa stands further forward than the open arcade fronts of the symmetrical wings.

Palladio gained inspiration from the ancient Roman temples to design the façade, thus giving great religious grandeur and importance to the living quarters of Barbaro.

To either the side the porticos link to the central part with the lateral wings destined for agricultural use, which have two dovecots above them.

Four statues depicting Olympian gods stand guard in front of the façade, giving a sense of a grand welcome.

Above the gable stands the Barbaro heraldic symbols at the center of an allegory which represents peace and harmony and which were the inspiriration behind the construction of the villa.

On the keystones there are masks, in the alcoves of the wings stand other Olympian gods, on the dovecots stand two sundials showing the time.